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About us

We developed a video monetization solution that allows copyright holders to earn income from their content by posting it on our partners’ sites so that our advertisers are able to show their ads to a huge audience

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Over 2,000 placements
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Up to 10 million ad views per day
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Over 1,500 unique publishers
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Easy-to-use automated platform

For advertisers

We provide high-quality inventory
for all our advertisers


Ad Formats

Mid-roll, pre-roll, post-roll, overlay


Legal platforms

Our partners are owners of websites
with copyright and licensed content



Our traffic quality control system excludes any fraudulent activity

For bloggers and content owners

We allow you to monetize copyright and licensed content with ad impressions, which, in turn, brings additional income to its copyright holders

50% revenue share for ad impressions from your video content

Transparent online statistics for each video

Monthly payments

Special offers for popular video bloggers


For publishers

We provide the universal solution for monetizing your inventory. The main requirements for all sources are the absence of illegal content and the availability of high-quality traffic. In our turn, we guarantee you:

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Competitive cpm for video ads impressions
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Regular monthly payments
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Technical support and advisory services 24/7
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Special offers for big publishers (over 50,000 visitors per day)

Contact us

We will happy to make a collaboration with you. Feel free to contact us any time. Our manager will contact you asap

Our contacts

Business centre «W-PLAZA», Varshavskoe av., 1, build. 1, Moscow
+7 (926) 014-69-09

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